Van Gogh Seattle Exhibit Reviews: The Immersive Experience

What people think about our Van Gogh exhibit in Seattle

  • Susan H.

    Absolutely worth traveling to see… (we learned this one is not connected with the one going on in Portland)… I am glad we made the trip. What a beautiful experience. thank you for a memorable day for my Mom and I in Seattle

  • Jenny A.

    I’ve seen another show as well and seattle is the most amazing show I’ve seen. The staff appeared warm, joyous and fabulous.

  • Birte N.

    Breathtaking visuals accompanied by soothing music. Who could ask for more? So glad this exhibit came to Seattle!

  • Katherine C.

    Best Van Gogh immersion out of Seattle, Las Vegas and Tacoma is in Seattle!

  • Valencia W.

    We loved it!!! The VR was so my favorite part! All the history on Van Gogh was awesome!

  • Allie M.

    The exhibition is inspiring, transforming and electric. It doesn’t matter that Van Gogh was born on 1853, because the exhibition makes Van Gogh current, alive, so personal and intimate. I love it!!!

  • Sam C.

    Stunning! Better than I expected and I certainly have a new-found appreciation of Van Gogh and his work. Highly recommend this experience!

  • Jeff S.

    Great to see so much Van Gogh in one place. The large room was fascinating, and i learned a lot i didn't know about one of my favorite artists!

  • Theresa W.

    Great show - everyone solid go and see it - if you love Van Gogh this is a must

  • Tor R.

    Loved it! I took my mom, brother, and sister! I have a new understanding of Vincent Van Gogh and I definitely recommend this to anyone who can go

  • Marie H.

    Van Gogh is great but kudos to the entire team behind this exhibit. Their art has to be recognized as much as the original painter. I was mesmerized and want to go again.

  • Makayla C.

    Van Gogh’s story is heartbreaking and beautiful, you really feel connected the entire time, loved this

  • David T.

    Stunningly beautiful. Explored the wonder and sadness of Van Gogh. Must see

  • John G.

    Amazing and I want to go again. I hope this concept works with other artists - I would much rather have this immersive experience than seeing a regular gallery exhibit with the original works, actually. I feel like I was actually in Arles, walking through the town, as Van Gogh would see it. Kudos to creators and technologists who made this happen .

  • Shane P.

    Had an amazing experience with my significant other enjoying the history and works of Vincent Van Gogh in a new way.

  • Maya H.

    The Van Gogh Immersive Experience is absolutely incredible! The perfect mix of traditional art, augmented by technology. The paintings come to life in an unimaginable way.

  • Li Y.

    It’s a wonderful experience for viewing Van Gogh’s paintings with the sound and music effects.

  • Mary B.

    Loved the entire exhibit! Left in awe! Amazing people who did amazing work! Thank you for allowing us to enjoy the wonderful works of Van Gogh!

  • Alexander K.

    My first ever 3D Immersive art Exhibition was engaging and superbly majestic. I recommend this event to all ages to come experience Van Gogh's work of art and fulfill the 3D experience in-person for sure!

  • Kevin K.

    Very cool! Had tickets for like 4 months waiting for this exhibit. Very nice indeed…The big room with the video walls was worth the entire experience. If you are into Van Gogh, or art and/or looking to make a cool date night thing if nothing else, do this. Worth the wait.

  • John Z.

    Magical! Everyone should see this exhibit!

  • Elaine C.

    We were moved to tears by the beauty of the immersive experience.

  • Alecia S.

    Such a fun immersive experience. Loved the VR add on and the changing flower vase was my favorite!

  • Sarah S.

    Have already been to the VG musuem in Amsterdam and that was great. This immersive experience was really magical and brought it all to life. Great job!

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