Van Gogh Miami Exhibit Reviews: The Immersive Experience

What people think about our Van Gogh exhibit in Miami

  • Beatriz A.

    It was magical. If you love Van Gogh as much as I do, then this experience will transform you. Amazing for a date night.

  • Scotty T.

    Absolutely amazing. This experience was 100% Van Gogh to the 10X power. I highly recommend this experience to anybody who is a fan of the art world.

  • Cristina G.

    The immersive experience was very successful in conveying Van Gogh’s thoughts and feelings. The music and videography were amazing together. The virtual reality was super exciting. It really transported me to the world of Van Gogh like no other medium.

  • Timothy D.

    Loved Van Gogh going in. Now it’s a true love affair.

  • Margaret D.

    Loved it!!!! And think Van Gogh would too.

  • Wendy W.

    Went in Miami and loved it! Going in Seattle too.

  • Jenna C.

    Great Experience!! So happy we were able to experience Van Gogh in this medium!

  • Ron K.

    Amazing exhibition! Very well done in a wonderful historic venue. You bought Van Gogh’s art to life and fully revealed his life in great detail. This is a Must See show!

  • Clarissa P.

    Beautiful and different experience. Really enjoyed it. Family friendly. Really captured Van Gogh’s beautiful art and sad story.

  • Carmen G.

    I took my granddaughter of 10 years. Both her and I were amazed by Van Gogh art works exhibition. This is a great experience for any age.

  • Michelle R.

    It was An amazing experience! It was different you learned about Van Gogh and how he started his work. There are sample pictures of his paintings with a brief description about it. If you love to learn about artists is a most do at least once!

  • Violeta A.

    I loved it I want to come back with my family ASAP and I am letting my friends know this is an amazing blessing to be together with the family and this greatest artist Van Gogh loved it ❤️💯

  • Alicia S.

    Love it!! The people that created this effects is as equal as Van Gogh! Two arts together! What a show!! Espectacular!!

  • Karen K.

    We enjoyed our time reading and listening to Van Gogh. The sitting and laying down was very relaxing. THANKS

  • Isabell K.

    Absolutely worth it!! Felt so intimate with Van Gogh now. A trip into the psyche

  • Lori R.

    The was an amazing experience! I would recommend it to anyone that loves Van Gogh and art.

  • Tamika S.

    The was an amazing experience! I would recommend it to anyone that loves Van Gogh and art.

  • Len M.

    My wife and I loved the exhibition

  • Taiz S.

    Really amazing experience! Everyone should go see this incredible exhibit. Totally worth it!

  • Marcela S.

    Absolutely amazing, such an incredible art exhibit! I wish I could’ve stayed there all day!!

  • Jennifer G.

    Incredible exhibit - so well done and loved the format, beautiful historic venue (an added benefit), warm and friendly staff, VR experience is off the carts! This was incredible! Truly enjoyed.

  • Laurie H.

    Awesome exhibition. The VR Experience took us into another world. Amazing. I’ve been recommending it to everyone

  • T. Stephenson

    Absolutely loved it. A wonderful immersive experience that really brought his work to “life.” The VR experience is a must. Highly recommend!

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