Van Gogh Houston Exhibit Reviews: The Immersive Experience

What people think about our Van Gogh exhibit in Houston

  • Eric K.

    Fantastic experience! The changing flower pot and Van Gogh head, bedroom guests could sit in, immersive experience itself, and VR at the end were all incredible. Had a great time. Well curated. Shout out to Kevin working the Houston exhibition in the room where you could take pictures in the bedroom. Very friendly, informative, and offered to take pictures. Best customer service! He's a real asset to your production.

  • Rhonda D.

    I researched the two Van Gogh Emersion Experiences that are operating in Houston and so glad I did! This one was amazing! We took our time to experience all that it had to offer and we spent a good 2.5 hours! It could have been shortened, and done in 1-1.5 hours but we went through very slowly and did the color art in the end along with the extra option of the virtual tour for $5.00 which was another highlight of the night! Very fun and inspirational experience. My niece said it was her best birthday gift she got!

  • Isa B.

    Definitely recommend! I didn’t realize there were 2 in Houston. I was invited to the one on Britmoore and was quite disappointed. This one had actual facts and you didn’t feel rushed or like you had no space. This one had benches to sit and watch small viewings around, it was open spaces and the actual immersive viewing had so many places to sit and watch comfortably even when on the floor. Then you had an option to color as well as the virtual reality and everyone was soo nice!

  • Mashal S.

    Amazing! Please have more exhibits in Houston like this. It was great.

  • Rhonda W.

    Incredible and absolutely amazing experience. So glad you came to Houston! Please come back with another👍

  • Sandra L.

    This was my second viewing of the Van Gogh exhibit and it was exciting the second time as it was the first. Thank you so very much for bringing this to the Houston area.

  • Laurie T.

    We purchased tickets for BOTH Immersive Van Gogh exhibits in the Houston area. THIS was by far, the better of the two encounters! Excellent management, smaller number of attendees within timed-ticket brackets, ample seating for seniors during video presentations, more educational and creative. SO glad we got these tickets!!

  • Beatriz Z.

    Absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! We drive Austin to Houston just for the exhibit and want to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. Sooooo worth it!!!

  • Cherish H.

    My husband and I drove to Houston from Mississippi just to see the Van Gogh Experience. Let me say it did not disappoint! What an amazing time.

  • John O.

    ALL of the staff at this Houston event were very friendly and helpful!

  • Katherine W.

    First, I was able to adjust my tickets due to my senior mother being sick and I appreciate that so much. My mother was an art teacher and Van Gogh is a big memory in our family. We were able to attend yesterday and it was an incredible experience. I got very emotional and I did not expect that. Beautiful work and thank you so much for bringing this to Houston. Our family will never forget it.

  • Peggy T.

    The Van Gogh Immersive Experience was awesome. We spent an hour going through the different rooms, reading about his life and enjoying his art. The virtual reality tour at the end was such a unique experience. Loved it!

  • Kathy D.

    Amazing display! I know more about Van Gogh than I ever learned in art appreciation. I highly recommend seeing it.

  • Jenny D.

    Upon seeing and enjoying this relaxing, therapeutic and inspiring exhibition, I went home to paint a sunflower trying to apply Van Gogh's technique. Loved every moment of this. How from entering to exiting this was beautiful along the way. The staff was very helpful and kind.

  • John D.

    The combination of artwork, music and quotes from Van Gogh were great. Relaxing experience. The gentleman that worked there helped with my photos too.

  • Anne J.

    Nice detail about Van Gogh’s life. Really interesting use of technology and beautiful artwork. I just relaxed into the experience. The music was also well selected. Did the VR experience as well. That was pretty cool!

  • Tina B.

    It was wonderful getting to view works of Van Gogh through a different perspective.

  • Deborah C.

    Customer service was wonderful. The exhibit is just Beautiful and Stunning. It was so entertaining that I would go back again!

  • Willy V.

    Enjoyable for the family. Wish it was more interactive for the kids, but they had fun drawing and capturing their images on the wall. The exhibit did a good job walking through Van Gogh’s life and summarizing his works with the immersive experience at the end. Beautiful projections and wonderful setup - enjoyed it more than the other Van Gogh experience.

  • Maru S.

    The ladies that welcomed us were very kind and attentive. The exhibit was fantastic to say the least. We had a great time, learned, enjoyed every second of it. All the staff was very friendly and made the experience more enjoyable

  • Scott S.

    It was just the right amount of information and awe! We had been to the Seismique Experience, and the Van Gogh Immersive Experience crushes that.

  • Brenda C.

    The Van Gough Immersive Experience was great! Very informative- The best part was the immersive experience with the Paintings , lighting, and narrative . I have a whole new appreciation for Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Ambiguity L.

    Beautiful music, animation, and use of lighting and projection! It was a delightful immersive experience.

  • Janet S.

    The immersive experience and soundtrack was great. The 3D sculptures and video overlay of paintings as well as VR add-on made the day soar above the competing immersive Van Gogh in town at the same time.

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