Van Gogh Dublin Exhibit Reviews: The Immersive Experience

What people think about our Van Gogh exhibit in Dublin

  • Helena D.

    Touching, enchanting, mesmerising and melancholic - everything you would expect from an exhibition of Van Gogh’s art.

  • Mike C.

    Amazing once in a lifetime experience ✨️ Van Gogh work shown in a living way.

  • David Y.

    Superb. This is the second time I have been and if it were to continue I would visit again. The staff are excellent, very polite and extreme helpful. The exhibition itself was stunning. All in all the best and most informative Van Gogh event I have seen.

  • Islee O.

    Excellent … very much enjoyed it … staff need to be more enthusiastic at the Virtual Reality Station in London.

  • Laurent H.

    Quite possibly one of the best experiences I’ve ever been to in London. So interesting and engaging no matter how much you know about Van Gogh or his art beforehand. The immersive room was just beautiful. I’m so glad I booked tickets!

  • Dimitris A.

    It was FANTASTIC! One of the best artistic experiences In London in the last few years!

  • Bev M.

    Amazing!! All art exhibitions should be like this! the immersive experience at the end was fantastic!

  • Liezl M.

    Truly immersive experience. I loved the VR experience even my adult and teenagers loved it. Staffs are very courteous and welcoming. Highly recommendable for all ages.

  • Lara B.

    Immersive, well done , really enjoyed it!

  • Chanelle J.

    Loved every second of it - highly recommend especially the VR experience. Staff was really friendly and attentive.

  • Sue R.

    Such an amazing experience….gave me goosebumps at times…if you love your Art don't Miss this!

  • Nashima A.

    Outstanding show. The VR experience was the best VR experience I've ever had. Make sure you take part in that.


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