Van Gogh Raleigh Exhibit Reviews: The Immersive Experience

What people think about our Van Gogh exhibit in Raleigh

  • Carole L.

    The entire exhibit was wonderful, however, the virtual reality was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I am so grateful that I bought the VIP ticket. I hope The Immersive Monet Experience will make an appearance in Raleigh, NC as I will be there and bring others with me.

  • Kathy T.

    Fantastic experience! Wonderful staff greeting us and helping us with my elderly mother. Beautiful exhibit and great flow. Thank you for bringing this to Raleigh.

  • Diane C.

    It was beyond expectation! We loved all of the personal information with each section and the visual effects that accompained the main features, beginning with his bust in the entry. And of course the final immersion room with chairs was spectacular! It brought a whole new understanding of Vincent Van Gogh! Thank you for choosing to bring it to Raleigh!

  • Heather H.

    Absolutely stunning and very well managed. I saw the Van Gogh exhibit in Charlotte before I went to the one in Raleigh and expected the two experiences to be rather similar. I was pleasantly surprised to see an entirely different exhibit. There was a completely different feel to the Raleigh exhibit but both were amazing. I highly recommend this even if you've done the Immersive Van Gogh elsewhere.

  • Palmer S.

    Excellent presentation really helped to get a better idea of the life of Van Gogh. Thanks for bringing this to Raleigh!

  • Linda F.

    Saw this in Raleigh and Atlanta. Really a great event. Can't wait for Monet!

  • Evam M.

    AMAZING! What an incredible experience! We love Van Gogh and this was the best tribute we have seen to him and his work! Just sensational! The staff were also amazing! We have never been treated so well - like we were guests - welcomed into the event with big smiles and open arms. Kudos to the team that put this all together in Raleigh, NC! I would give it 10 stars, if I could! Thanks!

  • Emmalee B.

    Most beautiful immersive beautiful exhibit. I can’t wait for the next one to come to Raleigh. The music, colors and information was so well done! Thank you for such a beautiful experience!

  • Rhonda S.

    Great experience. Thank you for bringing this to Raleigh.

  • Jennifer B.

    Absolutely the best experience ever! We do hope you bring more exhibits like this to Raleigh!

  • Tamara P.

    Phenomenal!! We had such a great time, I’m going again before it leaves Raleigh!

  • Chris C.

    It had a lot of information about Van Gogh's life that was interesting. Artfully done.

  • Cristina M.

    Amazing experience. Fantastic way of immersing the audience in Van Gogh life story through his art

  • Christina H.

    My entire family really enjoyed the Van Gogh Experience! Don't miss it!!

  • Louis R.

    The Van Gogh Immersive Experience was a beautiful sensory experience.

  • Ann L.

    Excellent! We rate the experience 5. We learned so much about Vincent van Gogh's painting strokes and his life behind the paintings. We felt his moods, ideas, and beauty in his short life. Thank you so much for the presentation. It was a great experience!

  • Sabrina H.

    Highly recommend it was well worth the 2 hour drive…… We love VaN GoGh!

  • Daniel A.

    What a great exhibition of Van Gogh's works. Totally worth the trip.

  • Sandra W.

    Loved the exhibit. Adding his info on hi Family & pictures of his Sisters was great. The show was amazing, especially the virtual part! I had never experienced a virtual presentation & I was amazed how realistic & beautiful it was. Thank to all the artists who worked on this event.

  • E. Kinlaw

    We had a great experience. Spent about 90 minutes there. Alot of good reads throughout the exhibit. The great room was really nice.

  • Kisha B.

    I really enjoyed “The Van Gogh Immersive Experience”. I learned many new things about Vincent Van Gogh personally and the display of his paintings were beautiful! I would highly recommend seeing this amazing display of his life work!

  • Charles G.

    It was awesome! Information about Van Gogh's life, his art, all the extra visual effects, and the music made for a wonderful immersive experience. The VR was great too. A fun afternoon!

  • Lorraine R.

    WOW! Anyone that has a chance to experience this immersive experience - DO IT! If walking through the experience wasn't enough, the VR extra added piece was fantastic. Being able to "walk" through Arles, France where Van Gogh lived and to see the places of his famous artistic pieces was the icing on the cake.

  • Howard E.

    The experience was mesmerizing! I learned so much. The music, the setup, the Immersive Experience was all that I wanted it to be. I really enjoyed it.


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